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Video Gallery

AMERICAN BIOGRAPHY (:31) Preview of sampler.

THE MAKING OF A WALKING (1:00) Preview for biography of Larry and Sherrel Olsen, pioneers of the primitive skills wilderness survival movement.

ALL IS WELL (:54) Preview for biography of World War Two flying hero, General Leon C. Packer.

FILLED WITH THE LOVE OF GOD (:59) Preview of biography of Steve and Georgia White, children of the Great Depression and remembered today for their business acumen and their many acts of philanthropy in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Utah.

WATERS ABOVE (:50) Preview for documentary about vast resources of water hidden beneath one of the driest deserts in the American West.

COYOTE'S SONG (4:54) Preview for a documentary on the Nez Perce Tribe's battle to save its ancient language from extinction.  

FOYER DE SION (:44) Preview of portrait of Guesno and Majorie Mardy, who care for 250 orphans and abandoned children from the slums of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

WALK TO THE LIGHT (1:28) Preview of powerful declarations of faith from the Philippines.

THE CROSSING (1:08) Preview of video for Oregon Trail museum exhibit.   

REFUGEES: EYE to EYE (:51) Preview of video portrait of refugee who spent 10 years fighting with US troops in Afghanistan.

WOOD STREET CA (2:58) Preview for documentary on life in a homeless community in Oakland, California.

WILDERNESS (1:19) Preview of documentary on the history of wilderness experience programs for young people in the United States. 

ONE-DAY MISSION PHILIPPINES (1:29) Preview: Leonora was old, sick, and blind. She prayed someone would find her. They did.

STARTUP (:55) Retrato de un programa para capacitar a impresarios nuevos en East Palo Alto, California.

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